Whether you want to ride a bike, fish, take a boat ride, kayak, walk a trail, horseback ride on the beach, walk to the top of the lighthouse, explore the state park or just hang out on the beach, Cape San Blas has it covered!  Don't come looking for the flashy lights, crowds, bungee cord jumps, go cart rides or putt putt golf, you won't find that here.  What you will find is the best nature has to offer!  It is not uncommon to see an eagle fly overhead, a bobcat streak down the road, an owl in the tall trees, deer all over the state park, and a stunning array of sea life!  Cape San Blas is a nesting beach for all sea turtle species and if you are here in turtle season, you will see nests marked on the beach and if you have a keen eye, you will see the tell tale turtle tracks on the beach, too.  There is so much to see, make sure you set out to experience it all while you are here!


The state park is home to many species of native wildlife and has miles the most spectacular, unspoiled beaches!  You can walk trails, take a boat out from Eagle Harbor and fish or snorkle the day away.  Take you car or ride your bikes into the park, rent kayaks and canoes for Scallop Cove Too and explore the bay, or just hang out on the beach!  Whatever you want to explore, it is worth the small daily admission fee to experience a beautiful state park!



The Loggerhead path runs the length of the cape, from Salinas Park, right as you come on to Cape San Blas Road, all the way to the entrance of St Joseph Peninsula State Park.  The path is paved.  It is great for bikes, walking, running, walking your dog and taking in the sights of the Cape!  The path follows Cape San Blas Road, so you can pick up the trail anywhere and go for as long or as short as you wish.  You will see or even encounter nature along the trail. Take advantage of the many picture taking opportunities as you go and take those memories home with you!



Gulf County is the largest place for sea turtle nesting in Northwest Florida - home to 40% of the nests!  We love our turtles and on cue, they come back year after year to nest.  Turtle season is May 1st to October 31st and the turtles will come up after dark to lay their eggs.  In about 2 months, those hatchlings will emerge and head to the gulf guided by the moon.  Check out information on the Visit Gulf website and become a turtle supporter and check out the turtle patrol information and become conservationist and turtle advocate.  Start by never leaving things on the beach overnight, never touch or disturb a nest and never leave trash on the beach.  A simple disgarded straw can be deadly to a turtle.  Take it a step further and adopt a nest or donate to support sea turtle education and outreach.  Let's keep our turtles coming back for the future generations!



This is truly an unforgettable experience on the Cape!  Whether it is sunrise or sunset, or somewhere in between, you will have an adventure you won't likely forget!  Just remember to book your ride in advance, as they keep the groups small and they do fill up.  The vendors can be found on the Area Vendors page!



There is spectacular fishing at Cape San Blas!  You can surf fish, fish the bay, or schedule a charter and go after that "one that got away" with one of our experienced captains in the area!  No matter what you are fishing for, it will be unforgettable, even shark fish if you dare!  If you are going it alone, bait and tackle can be rented/purchased at Scallop Cove.  Or on a charter, let the captain take care of setting up your perfect day on the bay or in the gulf!  There are lots of charters and you can find info on the Area Vendors page!